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That's the title of the incident report that my Branch Manager had to file yesterday.  Yes my friends, we had people gettin' it on in the parking lot.  At 2pm. Not the back of the parking lot mind you. Not by the dumpster or in the staff parking. No, in the middle of the parking lot right in front of the library!  We found out because I patron discreetly complained out it. 

Beth asked me to accompany her as backup just in case there was a problem and she needed a witness. The minute we walked out the front door, we could see a man's head in the back window of a car go up and then down several times. When she knocked the back window, he did manage to roll down the window and tell us that nothing was happening. Yeah, right. You were just discussing the ramifications of recent Iraq report. Or Sartre. Lying down in the backseat of a car. While you were doing push ups. With a girl underneath you. That's okay. He was dressed so at least we didn't have to look at his naked ass. Beth told him that his behavior was inappropriate and he needed to discontinue it or leave. 

As we walked away, they sat up and started to dress. In a few minutes, they were gone and we were left with our incident report and this story.

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I have to make this short because I'm at work. I should have posted this on Friday, but since the people have returned today, I thought I needed to post it now.

We have a "mother's of twins" (aka MOT) group that uses our meeting room for an infant/toddler playgroup.  I've never had a problem with them. They tend to be noisy, but they clean up after themselves. 

Crossposted from my personal journal because GAAAAAH!

On Friday, I did the Mother Goose Infant Lapsit program because Christine and Susan weren't there. I didn't have much time to clean up and left most of my stuff to clean up later. Around 4pm, I heard people entering the meeting room and realized that the MOT group had booked the room (and I hadn't been told). I ran in and started packing up my stuff. 

I noticed someone bring in a potty chair, but didn't think anything about it.  That is until a kid pulled down her pants and proceeded to take a big, stinky dump in it!  IN FRONT OF EVERYONE! WITH THE MEETING ROOM DOOR OPEN!  I packed up as fast as I can and got out of there.

I told my Branch Manager, but she didn't have a problem with it as long as they cleaned up the meeting room.

Today, they are back. And so is the potty chair. AND THIS TIME THEY PUT IT IN THE FOYER OUTSIDE THE MEETING ROOM! Dude, that's just not right.

I know I'm not a parent so I might be missing something, but DUDE!  Unless you are preparing your children for life in prison, they shouldn't have to poop in public. 

I told Beth that maybe next session they will move it into the library proper. That would be a treat.

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I started a YouTube account for my YA program.  Right now, I only have video of our party yesterday, but I will add more later.  On the plus side, you can see me make a complete fool out of myself on Karaoke Revolution. Look here!
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Order today!

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Today I received a box of new books and look at what I got.  All the teens are down with Beany Malone! Yeah, we are doing 1950's style!

I showed Beth and Shannon (my Branch Manager and Assistant Branch Manager) the books and we've decided to keep a log of the circ figures on this series.  So stay tuned for the further adventures of Beany Malone...
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Back in December while we were planning summer reading, the idea of having a "Weird Science" program outdoors sounded like a great idea.  After all, we were going to be doing the Diet Coke/Mentos experiment so we would be going outside anyway.  The Children's Librarians needed the room for computer camp and I was happy to help them out by moving my program outside. No big deal.

So today we had it outside. OUTSIDE!! In 96 degree in the shade weather! There are not enough exclamation points in the world to tell you how hot I felt.  The kids didn't seem to notice it.  

We were under cover for most of the program but for the Diet Coke/Mentos thing, we had to venture out on the lawn. It took about 30 minutes and guess who didn't wear sunscreen? Yes, the ultra-white YA Coordinator (that would be me). Damn my British/Irish/Scottish/Welsh roots. I am now a bit pinker than white and kind of itchy.

On the positive side, the kids LOVED the program.  We did Sharpie tie-dye, fun with Pop Rocks, and as the finale, the Diet Coke/Mentos explosions.  Hillary used my camera to tape the proceedings so we should have it on YouTube (and I'll post it here) soon.

Now, I must crawl off to bed.

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An Arizona library drops the Dewey Decimal System in favor of a "Barnes and Noble type" structure.

I guess I have DDC and LC so ingrained in my psyche that I find big box bookstores confusing.  When I'm in B&N, I keep thinking, "Where are the 306s?  Where are the 741s?"  I hate that Borders puts the Manga and Graphic Novels right next to the Romance section. I hate that most commercial bookstores have no idea where to put the YA area. 

It's sad, but we have very few independents left in Houston.  Even then, they are niche bookstores (Murder By the Book, comic or manga stores, etc.).   I need to move back to Austin where independent bookstores are plentiful.

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3 year old to his mom as I check out their books: Do we have a meat grinder, mommy?

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Over on Flickr, they have issued a 365 Library Days Challenge.  Since it's hard to post a photo every day, the goal is to post 365 photos of your library, events, etc.  Here's the link to my project : http://www.flickr.com/photos/ata4ya/

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