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Intercourse in the Parking Lot - wannablibrarian
Intercourse in the Parking Lot

That's the title of the incident report that my Branch Manager had to file yesterday.  Yes my friends, we had people gettin' it on in the parking lot.  At 2pm. Not the back of the parking lot mind you. Not by the dumpster or in the staff parking. No, in the middle of the parking lot right in front of the library!  We found out because I patron discreetly complained out it. 

Beth asked me to accompany her as backup just in case there was a problem and she needed a witness. The minute we walked out the front door, we could see a man's head in the back window of a car go up and then down several times. When she knocked the back window, he did manage to roll down the window and tell us that nothing was happening. Yeah, right. You were just discussing the ramifications of recent Iraq report. Or Sartre. Lying down in the backseat of a car. While you were doing push ups. With a girl underneath you. That's okay. He was dressed so at least we didn't have to look at his naked ass. Beth told him that his behavior was inappropriate and he needed to discontinue it or leave. 

As we walked away, they sat up and started to dress. In a few minutes, they were gone and we were left with our incident report and this story.

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kaydee23 From: kaydee23 Date: September 12th, 2007 04:11 am (UTC) (Link)
Aren't people gross? What is the matter with the world? Really? I caught two freshmen having sex in a teachers' restroom at this high school I used to work at it. The girl was my own student. So gross. So totally gross.
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