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My Week In Review, Or.... - wannablibrarian
My Week In Review, Or....
While you guys were dealing with all the LJ craziness, I was trapped in Summer Reading Hell.  Here's how it went down:

Tuesday, May 29th
The first official day of the 2007 Summer Reading Program.  Kids, teens and adults can start signing up for the program (read books, win prizes) and actually programming begins today (my Teen program which was supposed to be a 4 hour marathon open house called "I Want My Read TV!).  I started off the day by working out with my trainer.  I felt great.

We don't open until 1pm.  I was early for our noon staff meeting.  We have no air conditioning.  It's over 90 degrees outside. The air went out on Monday.  It's freaking hot in the library.  Even fans aren't helping.

Noon--Staff meeting.  The lights and phones go out.  We have a potluck but with the exception of my dish (which came directly from my oven to the library), everything is cold because we don't have a microwave or a stove without electricity.

12:55pm The lights and phones come back on.  No luck with the AC.

1-4pm.  We sweat profusely while checking in delivery which (thank you God) is only about 400 books (150 which are holds/reserves from other branches). 

4pm--Still no AC.  The meeting room walls are sweating.  The meeting room smells like mold and dead squirrel  Teen program begins.  One of the highlights is supposed to be a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) contest.  There is no way on heaven and earth that I'm going to let the teens do DDR in this heat.  I try to pull up Singshot so we can do Karaoke.  Our internet is screwed up and it takes 10 minutes for a song to load (and that's on a T-1 line).  Everyone who registers for SRP gets a free book so that takes up some time. Also, we have pizza and soda.  They don't have any problem eating.

5pm--I can't believe this is supposed to run until 8:30pm.  I want to die.  We start the library scavenger hunt but it's so hot that the kids just sit around, drink sodas and chat.  A few people participate.  One of the kids pulls up FlashFlash Revolution and it works so at least they can play that game.

5:30pm--AC guys drop in and gage the temperature in the room.  It's over 87 degrees.  I decide to call it.  It is way too dangerous to stay in there.  The kids help me clean up and I send them on their way.  I had over 50 attend.

5:30-6pm Dinner break.  There is nothing like eating cold pot pie. Apparently, the power surge fried our microwave.  I'm too hot to care.

6-8pm.  AC is sort of working.  It's now only 80 degrees.

8-9pm.  They have to manually turn off the AC so the AC guys power it down at 8pm since they want to get home.  We have to stay until closing at 9pm. 

I did have 56 teens register on Monday compared to a total of 225 for all of last summer so it was a success numbers-wise.  I actually get some very nice e-mails from parents saying how much their teens loved the event in spite of the heat.

Wednesday, May 30th
The kickoff party for kids summer reading and the Teen CSI program.  Still no AC.  I don't know how they did the morning storytimes in the meeting room because it smelled like Death farted.  Delivery is small again with only 500 or so books. The AC came on in time for CSI at 4pm and as soon as the program was over, the lights went out. 

Thursday, May 31st
Chess Camp.  For the past nine months, I have kept in constant contact with the camp instructor about dates, times, etc.  He ran the camp last year and started our monthly Chess Club.  At no time did he ever indicate that he might not be able to do it this summer (he's a teacher who sells real estate on the side).  Guess what?  The motherfucker bailed on me without even an apology (and did it by e-mail, the wussy) and I wasn't able to get a substitute.  I play chess, but I'm not an expert.  I've never played tournaments or joined the US Chess Federation. Today, we did open play and I offered them a prize if they taught a move next Thursday.  They had fun, but I feel like they are being cheated.

6:30 Club Anime! Japanese Tea Ceremony.  Teaching the tea ceremony to a bunch to wiggly teens is like trying to put a dozen hyperactive kittens in a sack.  In the end, it really didn't as much resemble a tea ceremony as a tea tasting.  Oddly enough, the kids really enjoyed the Jasmine tea and I even sent some of them home with tea bags.  

With them, I constantly have to deal with the noise problem.  Even though the meeting room is not close to the library proper, we get complaints from people who pass by the meeting room on the way into the library.  Every meeting I end up hoarse from constantly having to get them under control.  During the movie tonight (Voices From a Distant Star which BTW BROKE my heart), I told them that we would be having a prize drawing and instead I would be asking trivia questions from the movie.  For once, I didn't have to scream at them to be quiet. Some even took notes.  After the prizes were awarded, the trivia contest continued with the teens asking their own trivia questions.

After Club Anime!, one of my coworkers informs me that we are out of summer reading packets.  Luckily, Hillary s with me so she helps me with 100 them and we are out of there by 10:30pm.

Since I worked last Saturday, I had this Friday off so at 10:30 I was able to quote Eric Cartman and say, "Screw you guys, I'm going home!" Of course, the only people there to hear me are the cleaning crew, but they laughed.

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